DeCom Subliminal Interactive Advertising                                       .  .  brings a decentralized and democratic economic platform to the real economy!
Price Demand.Online
Price Demand
Cloudfunding Main Street
There's no seller discounting, no hidden costs, this is a totally new economic infrastructure alliance that financially supports local sellers  -  avoids draining profits from local economies
.  .  built on a global scale, it monetizes local inventory at the full selling prices using a global wholesalers network  -  it separates the supply side dynamics from the demand side
.  .  giving buyers a competitive ecosystem in a free open market where they can pay prices down as low as 20% of the full selling prices, without it affecting the seller's margins.
Cloudfunding Main Street

                 Arrow     Cloudfunding:  challenges the economic dynamics in local Commerce  -  by going global with e2eCommerce

                 Arrow     Price Demand:  guarantees full selling prices for Sellers  -  while giving Buyers cascading buying prices

                 Arrow     Outsourced Selling:  products & services get fully monetized  -  even before Buyers get to use Price Demand

                 Arrow     Cloud Capital:  disrupts how Capital flows in Commerce  -  authenticates seller to buyer sales with Smart Contracts

                 Arrow     Automated Selling:  finally arrives for Sellers  -  bringing with it real time buying power for Consumers

                 Arrow     Cash Commerce:  is like traditional 'cash over the counter' sales  -  now it's Universally Decentralized Capital on mobiles

                 Arrow     Local Economic Zones:  automatically form to keep capital flowing locally  -  a competitive advantage for Sellers

                 Arrow     Localization:  users benefit from economic equity ownership of local economies  -  earning directly from local productivity

Automated Selling
Introduction Video Library                              
Price Demand
For Sellers it's all about selling inventory  -  for Buyers it's all about more buying power!
Sellers gain by increasing stock turnover  -  Buyers gain by controlling buying prices!
                                                                                                  .  .  find out how the Global Chamber of Economies can raise local economic activity

                 .  .  free product delivery moves into high gear
Cloudfunding changes the Commerce dynamics from when a Seller is ready to sell  -  to when a Buyer is ready to buy
.  .  all the mechanics from marketing to cash payments are streamlined into a single platform for Sellers  -  to sell, for free
.  .  inventory is outsourced to a global network of market makers  -  fully financing items before being released to Buyers
.  .  Sellers gain back the time to spend on Customer Service  -  leaving Price Demand to sell at prices Buyers want to pay
Price Demand
.  .  in a new paradigm using an international trading unit that melts national currencies into a neutral Universally Decentralized Capital

.  .  establishing a stable digital cash that's backed and governed by real-time Productivity  -  flowing from economy to economy

.  .  flowing ubiquitously via the more important economic infrastructure behind Commerce Online  -  it's not just the money itself
Economy 2 Economy
.  .  it lifts all boats from economy to economy with e2eCommerce  -  giving all generations a seat in the new digital economy

.  .  the future lies in generating economic growth on a global scale  -  and sharing that wealth equitably across local economies

.  .  it closes economical and financial gaps formed by old legacy systems  -  starting with new Capital flows of free economic value
RingLink technology
.  .  RingLink raises Commerce to a new level in global distribution  -  interlinking a decentralized and democratized network

.  .  it shifts Productivity ahead of Capital and changes the way value is distributed globally  -  leads with facts, not predictions
Digital Advertising Vs Subliminal Advertising
Digital Advertising is paid to target users  -  Subliminal Advertising just sells inventory, predictably and for free

Internet's business model is flipped around and eliminates targeted advertising  -  giving users a direct financial benefit

.  . 
new Capital flows redefine Commerce with new dynamics  -  Productivity is commoditized to drive local economies
Cloudfunding is the future of decentralized global money supply  -  bypassing the 'centralized bank thing', to include everyone

.  . 
scale in tech can now bring Markets directly into local economies  -  Markets forever run by a few will shift into local control
Outsourced Selling
Globalization was supposed to bring all the world together, so far only the top of the stack has gained the benefit

Localization leads from the ground level up in filling the economic shortfall that the broader society has been denied!
Scale to benefit everyone
Cloudfunding operates in a new paradigm sitting above B2B and B2C  -  it operates Offline to Online from economy to economy - e2eCommerce

-  spanning across the world in a seamless flow of Supply and Demand between local and global buyers and sellers with Universally Decentralized Capital.
Cloudfunding decentralizes the economic power held by incumbents  -  instead it offers a democratic platform where both sellers and buyers benefit

The era of centralized systems holding individuals within financially controlled environments is ending  -  a new distribution of wealth is here now
ComTechX  -  the Industry merging Offline and Online Commerce into a network of markets with Cloudfunding  -  bypasses the traditional barriers of entry

The Digital Economy is different  -  that's why Cloudfunding is reshaping the financial infrastructure to support the demand needed for sustainable growth
Cloudfunding has free open markets  -  providing individuals with a global voice in controlling Productivity at the intersection of Supply and Demand

Free Open Market Economic Zones are established and owned by local users  -  FOMEZs benefit from direct control over local Supply and Demand
Cloudfunding starts by re-aligning the internet's traditional funding with FREE Subliminal Advertising
.  .  opens up new Rails of Trade between  .  .
New Rails of Trade
"Even with automation fast becoming the game changer  -  there's still one fundamental fact  -  supply and demand will still be dictated by price economics!"

Cloudfunding is Economy to Economy e2eCommerce  -  new Rails of Trade

Supply         Infinite          Demand

New Rails of Trade offer friction free exchanges between Supply and Demand  -  along Supply Chains in all industries with new Rules of Engagement

Cloudfunding is the missing economic infrastructure to solve the O2O puzzle  -  with new Capital flows distributed equitably from economy to economy

e2e generates new universal Capital flows that open up new markets and spread international value across borders to digitally monetize new ventures

e2e commoditizes Outsourced Selling of products and services with RingLink

e2e shapes the future of international trade with RingLink technology  -  allowing global Users to control a democratic consensus validating inventory

e2e directly stimulates local markets by distributing free economic value

e2e decentralizes the distribution of free Capital on a global scale  -  igniting local productivity with direct Foreign Capital Investment with a universal value

An aggregated value of global currencies offers a stable international trading value  -  allowing Universally Decentralized Capital to freely exchange from P2P

e2e solves the 'race to the bottom' discounting with price demand

Local economies automatically form free economic zones with unique control over their own productivity and growth  -  without incumbent interference

A decentralized infrastructure spreads wealth via a Global Chamber of Economies  -  with distribution scale capable of funding growth in the New Economy

.  .  a new paradigm has arrived where supply & demand is led by genuine productivity that validates and distributes new Capital to flow between economies

Productivity   >   Distribution   >   Free Capital
Great Expectations
Price Demand
For sellers it's all about selling inventory  -  for buyers it's all about seizing the moment!
Sellers are guaranteed of full 100% selling prices for their inventory  -  Buyers pay prices they want as buying prices cascade down to 20%
Price Demand

Price Demand is a buying experience that'll change how you buy!

Buying has always been somewhat limited, with little flexibility to bargain with on the buying price

That now changes!

Price Demand   Users now have the chance to buy early as market makers  -  and buy at a fraction of the full Selling Prices

It gets even better, Users can freely collect Free Economic Value and use it to help buy products and services

FEV is free working capital that helps Users set strategies to win deals  -  even helps to automate shopping lists

Even if local Users don't get to buy early, there's still time to buy from local stores or LED Hubs with Price Demand

That's when it becomes even more exciting!

How Price Demand works!  -  Imagine going online or in a store and find Price Demand deals with cascading buying prices

First thing you do is check to see what the LA Buying Price is set at  -  always 20% maximum of the full Selling Price

.  .  then you check out prices with other sellers, get out your mobile and do some showrooming, compare prices!

Check how much UDC you have in your QwickPay account and if you need to add some cash, just Pay It Forward, Now!

If you have any questions about the product or service you can link up with QwickChat to talk to Customer Service

When you've compared the others, click  Activate  and immediately watch the Buying Price begin to fall

Buying prices fall from full Selling Prices down to the LA Buying Prices over one minute  -  longer for cars and houses

Next you'll be hesitant and eager to click  Buy Now  as you're not the only one seeing the Buying Price falling

As deals are activated, notifications get sent to local Buyers who list their interest in the items, and they too can buy

Don't worry, most Sellers will have a quantity of stock to release  -  so stay alert and see what prices are in demand
  Price Demand

So what price would you pay?

.  .  this is real time price demand!

DeLE Markets

Technology is raising the bar in Commerce  -  it begins with Subliminal Organically Decentralized Advertising

ComTechX, as an industry, has developed new capital flows to bring unprecedented global scale and greater linear growth to local economies

Supply and Demand is streamlined with a neutral international trading unit ( of account ) to integrate Offline to Online Commerce, across borders, between economies

The Digital Revolution is a vastly new era for Supply and Demand and it needs new dynamics to be able to scale

While globalization was built on outsourcing the manufacturing to weaker economies  -  Localization simply outsources the selling globally to build stronger local economies

Cloudfunding achieves the integration of Offline to Online Commerce ( O2O ) between economies with a neutral international unit of account  -  Universally Decentralized Capital

Revenue streams are generated by users, businesses, entrepreneurs, developers collecting free capital  -  in fact anyone can collect free economic value and turn it into UDC

Cloudfunding is the digital economic infrastructure that is locally focused  -  but built on a global scale to level the playing field across a Global Chamber of Economies

.  .  it's a paradigm shift in the way Commerce will operate to overcome any imbalances in the New Digital Economy


e2e operates on a global scale, syncing all the functions of Commerce into a neutral and autonomous Global Chamber of Economies

e2e changes the way Commerce has worked under globalization by focusing on localization first  -  securing local players before expanding into the digital economy

e2e scales by Users taking advantage of Advertising's reinvention into free economic value  -  it's free working capital with no fees and never needs to be paid back, ever!

The cloud-based platform uses a decentralized outsourced selling process where global users individually set strategies with FEV, directly financing seller inventories

It operates from the local level where produce and manufacturing moves through supply chains to the retailer  -  local economies gain from better economic distribution

E2E offers new economics, disrupts the predatory pricing and 'race to the bottom' discounting models  -  giving all sellers a competitive advantage in the New Economy

Free Economic Value is set to disrupt the way Capital is controlled and distributed world wide

Algorithms track assets and liabilities down to 14 decimal points across country borders  -  allowing Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital to stimulate local economies, for free

Global users form a democratic consensus to authenticate the transfer and validation of neutral international units of account to form a universal medium of exchange

This means assets and liabilities representing payment transfers for products and services, are able to be validated across borders into local currencies in real time

Global Users continually own the FEV and UDC  -  the platform never transfers or holds funds  -  it's role is tracking the Ownership as it's exchanged internationally

Users have unlimited access to FEV to use to build new wealth in the Digital Economy  -  businesses have access to a new cash flow that's only limited by imagination

Cloudfunding changes modern economics, away from distributing debt before productivity  -  to using productivity to govern distributed value in a debt free ecosystem

Cloudfunding is a world changing E2E trading platform that operates in real time without terms or credit  -  bringing a much faster and more predictable supply & demand

UDC achieves a stable value by having an aggregated value of global currencies  -  this allows UDC to be backed by genuine productivity, avoiding speculative trading

The decentralized process spreading economic value across borders is balanced with the distribution of a wealth tax that's democratically spread via localized activity

Paid Advertising displays brands  -  Subliminal Advertising sells inventories
Advertising has been reinvented with less noise  -  now it's subliminal, predictable and accountable
.  .  it's free for selling anything  .  .  from tooth brushes to houses  .  .  from farmgate to plate  .  .  new and used
Global Commerce now has Cloudfunding to drive the new digital economic change  .  .  giving Seller's real time demand

.  .  it automates a greater economic flow in Supply Chains with Outsourced Selling and real time Price Demand  -  avoiding Seller discounting's 'race to the bottom'    

.  .  Cloudfunding solves the conundrum of a missing economic infrastructure backing the Digital Economy  -  with a real time neutral universal trading value    

Cloudfunding merges Universally Decentralized Capital into Commerce for everyone to freely use  -  solving the financial inclusion that's holding back equality
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Local Media    SME Cloudfunding
      Sellers have control with : <   Global Crowd     >    Buyers have benefits with :
       -  no seller price discounts

       -  no advertising costs

       -  no listing costs

       -  free outsourced selling

       -  guaranteed sales

       -  no payment fees or charges

       -  no currency spreads

       -  free digital cash exchange

       -  free digital business capital

       -  no contracts

       -  no more 30 / 90 trade terms

       -  access to sellers co-op

       -  freelance global workforce

       -  free online business entity

       -  online virtual wholesaler

       -  no stock to handle

       -  no customers to worry about

       -  free working capital

       -  real time payments

            Open Market Makers

     -  cascading buying prices

     -  no payment fees or charges

     -  early bird discount buys

     -  access to Free Economic Value

     -  free digital cash exchange

     -  free remittances / no spreads

     -  no credit score required

     -  free payment escrow service

     -  no subscription costs

     -  free business entity to build

     -  access to buyers co-op

     -  share in productivity growth
  QwickPic Ready

Sellers and Buyers operate in Free Open Market Economic Zones  -  where Sellers gain full Selling Prices and Buyers gain new buying power

.  .  Outsourcing the Selling is a paradigm shift away from Outsourced Manufacturing  -  FOMEZs give local Sellers scalable and defendable positions           

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