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Direct Market Productivity

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            .  .  'animal instinct' will provide the drive!

New types of markets can be formed in the New Digital Economy where Users around the world indirectly use their animal instinct to strive to gain a better outcome for themselves  -  users can now tap into a location zone and gain income from the commercial activity.

Economists have long been talking about the need for animal instincts to raise commerce and trade activity when markets fail to fire up  -  what Cloudfunding does is create the full environment that is continually incentivized to make those instincts flow and push the benefits back into local economies.

Until now traditional Share Markets have provided the environments with middlemen to set the pace of demand with listed companies and commodities, and Banks control the Money Supply to make it flow  -  this is usually in the high volume levels where their activity is expected to trickle down into the real economies.

That trickle down approach has not worked very effectively in the 40 plus years since the financial model was introduced by the governments and institutions that controlled the shots  -  it has created an avenue for the few in positions to exploit a flaw in the system whereby the majority of value is held back from trickling down  -  technology has opened up the eyes of people around the world to how things in the Free Markets have not worked out as planned.

There are no such things as Free Markets, they all have controls and limitations that get set by exporting and importing countries to help their own market environments  -  Cloudfunding with economy to economy - e2eCommerce breaks that distortion of markets by removing the incumbents and allows a democratic consensus control the flow of Commerce and Trade.

Digital and Technology has already changed much of the way work and jobs are structured around Productivity  -  what is certain is that jobs will become less of the ritual that had become the work model for the 20th Century  -  jobs in the 21st Century will be the majority freelance with no office  -  the jobs that are focused on productivity, and positioned at the intersection of supply and demand, will be an important factor when Automation takes jobs and leaves wages in the low range as seen with the slow decline for much of the last half century.

A shift in the Market model

With Share Markets, listed companies are the central entity that shares are distributed form based on the value that market traders place on each company's market value, with the shares sold between traders hoping to gain from any future growth of the companies share price and any dividends that get distributed  -  and traders in Commodity Markets use data and forecasts to predict price increases in commodities and sell at a profit  -  both can be manipulated and are generally regarded as operating in their own world and self interest for profit taking and generally operate separate to the real economies.

The Direct Market model operates in real time in so far as the movement in Productivity is from actual sales of products and services in specific Locations in real time  -  Locations are countries, regions, states and cities that are listed in the Global Chamber of Economies where the commercial activity is recorded for all the activity of local businesses within each Location.

The scale of the Direct Market is structured to always be governed and anchored to Global Commerce and Trade - Global Productivity  -  any product or service that is exchanged between a Buyer and Seller along the Supply Chains in any industry is part of a local economy somewhere, and when it's listed to outsource the selling, it initially starts its journey with RingLink technology.

Businesses listed in the Locations sell using Outsourced Selling and local or global Buyers complete the sale using Price Demand  -  in the back ground processing a Location Activity Tax - LAT is collected and distributed to the Users holding units in the Location.

This shift in the market structure focuses on a geographical area where commercial activity originates from  -  instead of focusing on a single company entity or commodity, Direct Market merges all the activity in real time from all the businesses within each location and distributes the combined LAT equally with all the Location units held at the time  -  activity trends in the Locations are able to be tracked by Users in real time.

The number of Users and the number of units is unlimited and this dynamic can change continuously as Users endeavor to follow the higher trends of activity by buying and selling units in the Locations  -  the outcome of this dynamic can change the amount of LAT that gets distributed, such as when Productivity increases and decreases across a location by the number of businesses  -  this distribution can effect the value each unit gets especially when Users increase and decrease their buying and selling of units.

Direct correlation with Productivity

What makes Direct Market stand alone is that the speculative side of buying and selling only relates to the amount of LAT that is distributed to the UDI Portfolios, which are available to everyone to take up  -  growth in any Location can be zero due to no activity recorded or there can be an amount, whatever amount there is it gets equally shared with all Users holding units in the Location.

What is unique is that Users can have a direct influence with the outcomes by being an Open Market Maker - OMM and helping in the Outsourced Selling process so that the business to get the sales  -  it's a democratic collaboration amongst global Users that shifts the direction of economic growth towards linear growth markets operating autonomously in the New Economy.

The benefits flow towards the populations living in the local economies that use Cloudfunding to drive Productivity  -  it does it without the need of middlemen influencing value in the markets or any institution controlling the Money Supply flowing into the local economies.

The decentralized structure of Cloudfunding gives individuals at all levels of wealth and position with the same level playing field to operate on without being hindered by incumbents  -  on the Supply side Sellers can use Outsourced Selling to predictably get sales of products and services at the full Selling prices, which in most modern trading conditions need seller discounts to find sales  -  on the Demand side Buyers have Price Demand to pay Buying Prices that fits their affordability.

Both the Supply and Demand sides can use tools to help influence the flow of Productivity in their local economy or in other economies around the world by being Open Market Makers - OMMs  -  and both still benefit from the Direct Market Productivity with the income streams that come from the Universally Distributed Income Portfolios and are available to everyone to take up.

Direct Market brings together today's Offline and Online Commerce environments that are still separated, but now by new incumbents that have positioned themselves between the two  -  Offline and Online worlds both have different mechanics and limitations in their operating costs that they need to absorb  -  this is where LED - Local Economic Distribution Hubs are designed to merge Offline and Online worlds into seamless O2O Commerce.


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  Outsourced Selling  

Outsourced Selling takes Local Commerce to a new level

Traditionally when a product is sold between a country and another there's a transfer of money from the Buyer's country to the Seller's country, which's usually held within the international banking system, somewhere, these volumes exchanged between countries become part of a trade surplus and trade deficit system that's used to keep track of any imbalances.

Trade Balances have a big effect on a country's financial ability to operate with sufficient money to support its operations.

Cloudfunding challenges the status quo by changing the mechanics of payment for cross border commerce,

-  in all Outsourced Selling processes the payment for the full value of a product doesn't come from the country of the eventual Buyer, it comes from the local economy of the Seller, which is stimulated via the flow between local fiat currency and digital cash ( Ownership exchange ) during local commerce.

.  .  the 'Ownership' is the paradigm shift from being part of a monetary system and moving to a scalable economic system

.  .  this shift changes the dynamics of how global commerce and trade payments move freely from economy to economy

.  .  it changes the economic outcome of local economies by eliminating the costs incurred with old world incumbents

The mechanics of Outsourced Selling generates a Capital investment for the Seller's economy, with the Global Crowd strategies drawing in digital cash ( money ) into the local economy via the deep algorithmic economics built into the system  -  Global Productivity.

On a larger scale with Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI ) coming into a region, when Outsourced Selling is used by a region's local industries and Sellers it can scale to any size to draw in foreign Capital investment ( without the costs or loss of control over assets ), there's an automatic Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital ( DFDC ) that transfers to the region's local economy, without any transfer of money ( foreign exchange ) being involved  -  the activity generated in the local productivity creates the validation.

The unique effect that Outsourced Selling does is it generates velocity of the local currency using the full prices of any product / service sold, which also generates the maximum tax revenue for the local governments.

While a Buyer may be in another country where a payment is paid via digital trading cash there is no transfer or exit of fiat currency from the Buyer's country as it does in traditional trading, when a Buyer pays for the product using Universally Distributed Capital by initially using Pay It Forward, Now!, it helps to raise the velocity of the local fiat currency in the Buyer's local economy.

The outcome is much better for the Buyer's country with no cross border currency transfer and an even better outcome for the Seller's country with full payment that's not diluted by incumbents taking a percentage of any currency transfer.

Sellers often look for loyal customers to form a consistent revenue base, the Platform provides Sellers with 'long tail' connection with customer activity across the world, it means that a Seller can initially invite a customer to the Platform to bid and buy from the Seller,

-  the long tail is the commerce activity that a customer does in the local region and anywhere else around the world with other Sellers on the Platform, the Seller silently earns a % of the commerce forever with each customer.

-  the number of customers invited to the Platform reflects in the growth earnings for the Seller  -  see Queen Bee.

  Sellers can Sign-up for early access
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As UDC is validated and exchanged in the New Digital Economy it permeates out into local economies!

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Wherever your Location is - you are not alone!

- this is the 'RunWay' we're now on, with the New Economy!


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