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TrustBiz Business
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This TrustBiz Verified logo verifies that the business or person using the TrustBiz stamp logo has been confirmed as a legitimate body of business and is registered to operate on the Platform using the supplied tools and features.

It confirms that this is the legal name of a person, group or business and that in some cases may be the legally registered trademark for the world or country and such will be protected in the Platform of services against any other user from registering or using this name.

It confirms that the information forwarded by the business has been done so by the accredited business owners or their appointed authority to be the true and correct information to verify this business.

The Platform uses various feedback options to validate that the business is fully registered to operate the business in the jurisdiction detailed in the forwarded information.

When the TrustBiz logo is used or connected to a business or person it confirms that there is a verified legal entity registered in the name of that business or person, it verifies that the business or person(s) has provided legal details confirming the authenticity of such a business and that the details can be used to validate the business or person.

It confirms that there is a legal entity registered to the owners and operators of this entity based on the information supplied, however it does not hold the Qwick Group to any claim of any ownership or responsibility for any actions or any dealings entered into by this business or person.

The Qwick Group provides sufficient security tools to restrict and limit the exchange of value for product from being completed until both parties are satisfied with the exchange,

-  the availibility and use of the Collection Code and Pay Caddy features allows both the buyer and the seller and the sender and the receiver to confirm that both parties are satisfied to complete the exchange.

Feedback about any party concerning the validity of any business may / will instigate an investigation into the business or person(s) involved.

Persons or parties forwarding any concerns regarding a business could result in accounts being suspended during any investigation.
A TrustBiz Business Online entity is the highest level of business standing in the Platform and is unique
in its structure and transparency for doing electronic international business and interactive communication.

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