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TrustBiz Business
   Register your TrustBiz Business entity here
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Registered TrustBiz Business entity details:

(The details directly below will be updated when the TrustBiz Business entity is fully registered).

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Membership Status: TrustBiz Business (pending)

The TrustBiz entity License has been developed exclusively to combine benefits of an International Company and global e-commerce.

To begin your registration fill in your business details in the form below for your TrustBiz Business entity.

You can use the details of your existing business that is registered with the authorities where you do business from and still register as the owner of a TrustBiz Business entity.
If you don't have a registered company elsewhere and are wanting to begin a business you can still apply for a TrustBiz Business entity.

The business name selected in the application must be unique and not a duplicate of any existing TrustBiz registration or world trademark.

"TrustBiz entity License has been formed to operate in the international level of business trade and have a direct purpose of providing a international e-commerce trading environment for the global community operating on and with the ComTechX Platform".

For more information on the benefits of a TrustBiz Business CyberUnit click here
Yearly Fee: US$90.00
Set Up Fee & Yearly Fee: US$90.00
For the initial year the registration fee is credited back to the business to use as incentives to give out to the business's customer base.
e.g.: $5 invitations

Loyalty Program available : The Queen Bee Loyalty Program begins at $500

How does it work?

Registrations will be available soon
Please leave your email here and we'll update you!
Details of your Business/Company Headquarters and Operations:
Company / Business Name:
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or Business name )
To register a new business please list
three ( 3 ) names in order of preference.
This is to avoid any duplicate registered


Business Address Details:
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Address: State, Region, Province etc
Country of Operations:
Registered Address:
Street and Suburb, Township
Address: State, Region, Province etc
Year Business was Established
(if an existing business):
Registration Authority:
Registration Number:
Type of Company: Private, Public etc
Type of Business: Manufacturer, Supplier
CEO / Managing Director:
Supply a minimum of one (1) satellite aerial link(s) showing the position of the business property:
(optional / not required at registration)
  Important: Provide satellite view links at 50ft/20mt distance
Upload a photo of your business -  
headquarters, shop or factory to show the best view of your business.
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Identification such as passport, drivers license photo ID will be required to complete the registration.  No information provided for identification is given, rented or sold to any other party outside the network group of companies.
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