DeCom Subliminal Interactive Advertising                                       .  .  brings a decentralized and democratic economic platform to the real economy!
It's Global Economic (Inequality) Warfare
Trade Flow
Cloudfunding  .  .  is decentralized commerce ("DeCom")
.  .  brings a totally new economic alliance to local communities
.  .  linking 000's of local economies through economic growth
Subliminal Networking
.  .  means the digital economy now has the economic infrastructure to build out a self sustaining new economy  -  bridging the Offline and Online worlds
.  .  opens the way to an alliance of local Chamber of Economies  -  providing local communities, a platform to collaborate together as an economic force
A stable future lies in economic equity ownership
.  .  exchanging real economic value as a true unit of account!

.  .  expand
Pro-active users gain from linear growth
Economic Linear Growth
SMEs have the economic value to drive global productivity
.  .  pro-active local economies, more important now than ever
Cloudfunding shifts from the feudal centrally controlled financial system to open economies of decentralized users
DOME - Global Chamber of Economies
Users share the growth of local economies
How it works
Local SME inventories hold unlimited collateral, more than enough to back local economic growth, world wide!

The banking system has ignored SMEs and their inventory's local economic value, for its true value!

.  .  that local economic value is now being tapped as collateral to back global productivity!

.  .  it's the real economy's universally backed productivity, controlled by local communities!

Local SMEs are now funded directly with grants by global communities to help build their business!
Cloudfunding makes it so simple for sellers to use
with   No Fees
   No Commissions
   No Advertising costs
   No Contracts
   No Currency Spreads
   No more Market Places taking profits
   No more Payment Provider charges
Just a simple process using a mobile to add a photo, full selling price and description!
SMEs can now go direct to consumers (D2C) with Cloudfunding!
Gold Rush
"There's Gold in them there Streets (hills)"

.  .  more wealth was made in Main Street, than in the hills!
Claim Your Local Economy!
Your Location.ChamberOfEconomies.Online
Every Zip Code and Post Code representing a town, city and region in a state and country around the world has a local economy
that allows commerce to work between sellers and buyers  -  local economies come in all sizes but the dynamics all work the same.

Decentralized local economies give control to local communities!

As more local economies get established, the greater the interconnection between local and foreign economies, forming a true
global consensus in generating productivity via a democratic flow of capital moving from foreign economies into a seller's economy.

Size of local economies is often been seen as 'the bigger the better', but that changes with Cloudfunding's dynamics, where economic
capital is directed into any size local economy to stimulate demand for local products and services equally across all size towns and cities.

Local communities, both businesses and consumers, can be proactive by helping to stimulate productivity in their local economy and other
economies as Open Market Makers ( miners ), sharing in the benefits as economic equity stakeholders, when capital flows into economies.

Be first to claim your local economy!

Any local Seller can be the first business or group of local businesses to claim their local economy and list their local region onto
the Decentralized Local Economic Market Index, as part of the Global Chamber Of Economies.
Expression of interest are open for SMEs and business groups to list their local economy in the Global Chamber Of Economies!
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-  SMEs, seller groups, shopping precincts and co-ops etc can all take advantage of the Queen Bee loyalty program.
buyers who can join together in buyer co-ops, families or individuals  -  everyone can benefit from cascading buying prices
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