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To be able to provide a platform that has constant and sustainable demand, a fair system is needed to give equal opportunity for all users.

Cloud Capital / Free Digital Capital / Cloudfunds is the free working capital that helps users set strategies prior to the unique 'miss and you're out' bidding process.

With global connectivity being unequal in response time, using pre-bid strategies is necessary to overcome any unfair competition.

Algorithms set the flow of activity using a carousel type process that continually cycles through strategies set by the Global Crowd users with Cloudfunds, there's a constant change to the cycle flow due to the randomly set strategies  

-  whenever the allocated Cloudfunds ( in strategies set in the Lead-up time ) are spent in any Call, the algorithms automatically react immediately to an alert to 'add a bid or be eliminated' on behalf of the User, by withdrawing bids from their QwickPay account, or be eliminated at the end of that Call, if there's insufficient time or funds for the bid.

The unequal competition brought about by slow connectivity and someone with more money is eliminated with algorithms, it steers clear of the ancient and unfair auction systems used up to now  -  now everyone world wide is equal and on a level playing field.

When a product or service is processed the Deals generate a Smart Contract that can only be executed when it's released to a seller's local buyers, who then need to use Price Demand to be the first buyer to click Buy Now as the price cascades down from the full selling price to as low as 20%, depending in the final winning bid price.

                                                                                          .  .  more on the bidding process

Economic Engine Percentage                              QwickBids

Outsourced Selling is about gaining a fair consensus

Whatever the Deal's final winning price is it's gained using a fair consensus across a broad number of users who use strategies in a Game theory process that nobody can take advantage of  -  if a local user happens to win, then they can either take the Deal if it's within the Seller's trading zone, or it's passed over to the Seller to release it to the local Buyers, who again have Game Theory in Price Demand to contend with.

Both new and used products are sold with the same features from the services QwickBids and QwickFlip using Outsourced Selling and FDC, both give Sellers full 100% Selling Prices and Buyers have Price Demand to activate with Buying Prices as low as 20%.

The Deal's winning price is the lowest Buying Price, and if the Deal is won by an OMM, then this same winning price is offered to a Seller's local Buyers as the lowest Buying Price  -  Price Demand gives Sellers a true real time demand for their products.

It's with Price Demand where Users gain from participating in the QwickBids process to get their share of the distribution of the amount of the Buying Prices paid by a Buyer.
Watch how a typical deal plays out     QwickBids                  Bidding Process                  
Cloudfunding brings free working capital to global commerce

Strategies are used to allocate Cloudfunds into 5 boxes, which represent the 5 stages of the bidding process

-  the 5 stages in the bidding protocol process take a total of 15 minutes  -  the Auto mode looks after all the bidding

-  in each of the 5 stages there is an elimination process that checks to see what number of Cloudfunds remains active for a bidder

-  if a bidders Cloudfunds have already been spent in the elimination process then the only way to not be eliminated is to 'add a bid'

-  algorithms set various percentages of bidders to get eliminated at the end of each of the 5 stages until there is a final winner

-  the maximum bid total is a combination of Cloudfunds and whatever bids are added from the User's QwickPay account

-  winners can be the last bidder to reach the max 20% buying price or last bidder with the highest bid total at the end of the 15 min

-  many deals are won by OMMs - it's their job, so if that happens the deals are released to local buyers at the same winning price
Bidding Process  
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