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How LAT works globally and ubiquitously to benefit all

Taxes are part of how economies around the world operate and the Platform is no different  -  except the Platform operates all the process Online on a global scale using a more broader and ubiquitous system that benefits everyone in all locations.

LAT is a Universal Tax ( Global Wealth Tax ), it's a small 2.5% fee that's collected and distributed back to help the Locations grow and benefit all the Users that are managing their UDI Portfolios.

With all activity on the Platform it's always linked to a location, and the association with a location, no matter if it's a Seller or Buyer adds 'productivity' and value to those particular locations  -  Global Cloud Productivity

-  GCP is instrumental in spreading productivity out into isolated locations.

In the background of the Global Productivity Grid is a global location activity tracking system that evaluates in real-time what LAT is collected from the various activities in each location, then using a process it adds the particular value to the Location Token involved, this extra value is then shared equally across every User holding various quantities of the Symbols.

With a high entry point for many people to be involved with the sometimes volatile share markets, being based on speculation, the LAT is a real-time recognition of genuine productivity that is equally shared amongst Users who are able to follow trends in the global productivity on the Platform.

How LAT fits!

The way LAT works is possibly the first global tax system that operates ubiquitously to foster productivity in real-time

-  unlike countries and local economies that simply removes a tax from an individual's action and forgets about the contribution that person or business adds to the productivity of the economy,

-  the Platform does not forget, it records ( hides ) this collection of LAT value within each User's Cloudfunds Account,

-  with the activity that each User builds with their own uniquely collected LAT value, it forms a type of global standing ( report or reputation ) that follows the User into future activity on the Platform.

This collected LAT value is then used to help trigger the collection of payment of a Seller's full List Price during the lead-up time for LA Deals

-  see how The Monetizing Moment keeps track of Seller's Selling Prices paid out from Cloudfunds.

With tax systems, when a product is manufactured overseas at low costs and sent to another country via a Supply Chain that adds costs and margins at each level, that importing country's domestic tax system then uses a profiteering method by gaining value from the percentage that was really the productivity of the country of origin

-  basically exploiting another country's sweat Labour Market at each level of taxing all the way to the end customer.

What the platform does is it still maintains the allocated selling prices as a product is moved along the Supply Chain so to not deny any percentage of taxes due to a country or province where it is charged, but changes how that selling price, including taxes, is collected to pay the Seller,

-  normally the Buyer pays both product cost and taxes, which is the price what a Seller receives, and from what any taxes are paid from, leaving the responsibility to the seller to pay any local taxes,

-  the Location Activity Tax spreads the collection of the product costs ( and taxes ) on a global scale and pays each Seller the full price

-  the participation by both local and global Buyers competing for products and services involves each participant's own location and share in the productivity of each sold item,

-  it's this share of the productivity that separates the standard way values and taxes move around the world by distributing the collected LAT and directly adding it to each location where each participant is located, this means that the more participants there are from one location the more value will be gained in that location as the distribution is applied  -  in real-time.

Location is key!

The Platform's architecture is designed to allow Users in any location around the world with a way to get a financial benefit from this activity, and get increased productivity from increased demand,

-  each User has a UDI Portfolio that can be expanded by buying Location Tokens and get a share of the continual activity gaining the LAT values.

UDI Portfolio is like an account that will continually gain value in real-time, each portfolio is unique to each User who can buy and sell Symbols to find the best Trends in activity around the world.

A User can add or withdraw from their UDI Portfolio and use the value however they want  -  transfer, spend, withdraw. Other benefits that come from applying LAT on the Platform is it helps to eliminate payment transfer and exchange rate fees normally added to commerce.

How small is the 2.5% LAT?

For a Deal worth $100.00, Bidders can expect to pay just $0.12 LAT if they reach the Final Call  -  then get the benefit of growth added to their portfolios when the Deal is 'sold'  -  plus all the LAT gained from all the other Deals sold around the world.

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