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Cloudfunding reinvents Productivity


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Commoditizing Productivity has unlimited scale

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  While Productivity is the underlying value of an economy, regardless of its size, there has never been a time when its real time value has been tied directly to the value of the economy's ( national ) currency.

The process of evaluating national fiat currencies has been controlled by the money traders who try to out play other fiat currencies using projected forecasts backed up by past data  -  the obvious outcome is that one country can have a trade advantage over another.

Today's fast moving world of fighting for an advantage in the valuation of a currency is as old as trade  -  now there are trades happening in nano-seconds by traders and investors only for their own gain, not for the economy.

The introduction of crypto-currencies has added another layer of possibilities to the way currencies are used as a medium of exchange  -  what has essentially expanded from the early 2000s when digital currencies began operating at low levels, and were pegged mainly to the USD, it set the groundwork for the crypto generation.

The use of crypto-currencies to operate without a central authority, namely Central Banks, has been a prime early motivator for the crypto-currencies rise in use and popularity but while interest has increased based mainly on the valuation  -  it has also drawn out several issues that contradict the initial motivation  -  mainly the use of miners controlling the release and transaction fees, and the need for exchanges and banks to liquidate  -  those issues mirror the existing financial and banking system and only add another currency to speculate with, it has little to do with bringing any major change into the global economies.

A different direction with decentralization

The direction Cloudfunding takes is focused on fully financing the inventory ( Productivity ) by Outsourcing the Selling before any products or services are released to the buyers  -  Cloudfunding reorganizes the way Capital flows around in modern Commerce by using Productivity as the lead instigator instead of Finance ( credit / debt )  -  technology now redirects the flow of Capital in Commerce to fully monetize Seller inventories of products and services from a globally decentralized network of Capital holders, even before releasing the products and services to the consumers, all without creating debt for Buyers or Sellers  -  credit cards have used the reverse model of financing the exchange of value between the buyer and the seller but this has a predatory element of hoping to capture indebtedness with fees and interest if payment is late.

With Cloudfunding there are no fees or charges as the process is constantly in positive when distributing Free Digital Capital, which is based on products and services, the distributed Cloudfunds or FDC doesn't have any fee or interest and never needs to be paid back, ever  -  Productivity being the full selling value of global products and services, is interconnected using an aggregated value of global currencies to constantly set the stable international and universal trading value for seamless exchanges of supply with demand across borders  -  in each country the universal trading value is liquidated and exchanged without spreads or fees to merge frictionlessly with local fiat cash in real time, all without needing to hold or transfer any fiat currencies across borders  -  economy to economy - e2eCommerce operates above B2B and B2C and directly benefits local economies.

                                                                    Productivity   >   Distribution   >   Free Capital

Having the universal trading value as the unit of account for general Commerce for peer to peer trading also allows it to be used to balance the assets and liabilities ( trade surplus and deficit ) of a local and national economy in a much more real time than how economies and policies operate and have operated for decades, even centuries  -  in effect the use of an international unit of account takes away the role of Central Banks and banking systems with interest rates pressuring an economy's participants in commerce by controlling the flow of trade, based around the inflation of prices  -  continually creating boom and bust cycles across the world at the detriment of businesses and consumers as if it's just a natural event.

The world now moves too fast for clunky mechanisms operated by centralized systems that rely on the old post data analytics to steer economies  -  the era is coming to an end for diluting the value of money through reserve banking with its associated costs ( usury ), and subsidizing the losses by experimenting with quantitative easing  -  the combination has promoted rentier capitalism that has slowly eroded the modern global economies over the last 40 years to low wages with low buying power for their workforces  -  wages being the essential dynamic for cycling genuine productive value back through Commerce to drive the economies.

Transition of value from the old economy to the new economy

Generating the universal trading value comes down to a simple process of sellers listing their inventory on the neutral platform at the full selling prices displayed to local buyers  -  in simple terms it's the transition of the fiat currency value from the old economy to the new digital economy with Universally Distributed Capital as the Online store of value and international medium of exchange.

The selling price of products and services is the foundation value that gets intertwined with other inventory from other local sellers and other countries  -  the distribution of the inventory's value is broken down into micro size values via the Subliminal Organically Decentralized Advertising that anyone can collect and strategize with to get the value validated  -  the validation of those selling prices is what increases the volume of the universal value operating between peers and does away with currency exchanges and banks  -  each user collects the micro values ( Cloudfunds / FDC ) by downloading an App or adding the service directly to a browser, and from there a user can operate with multiple devices to collect Cloudfunds and validate faster using the automated process.

The trust validation of the universal trading value adds a new level to digital capital by not holding fiat cash as banks do to back the value given in a digital version to spend  -  the trust at the local level between buyers and sellers adds to the decentralizing of the money supply by allowing the fiat cash to remain in the local economy to continue flowing, instead being locked up  -  this process of trust being confirmed between sellers and buyers provides the cashless parallel digital world with a trackable and neutral international trading unit of account currency

Global Chamber of Economies track Productivity

The exchanges that happen in or between local economies form the Global Chamber of Economies which allows local sellers and buyers to see real time commercial data results and react in the best interest of the economy by driving the Productivity across local industries  -  the job of Central Banks and money control by banks can now be decentralized and passed down to local communities with the tools and means to adjust their own economies in real time  -  this is a major step in democratizing the new economy with individuals and local communities benefiting with the overall platform and LED - Local Economic Distribution Hubs.

It's not limited to the B2C level of supply but can operate B2B from producers and manufacturers all the way along the supply chains, giving each player the opportunity to sell and buy using Outsourced Selling and Price Demand to strengthen their bottom line  -  new digital markets will give producers to chance to reach more buyers with a competitive advantage.

The constant comparison with global currencies to establish the universal trading value and its Point of Sale 'Trust' validation eliminates the cost in holding physical cash by putting that cash back to work in the local economy  -  the additional advantage of using Productivity as the catalyst to generate new value entering the ecosystem, is that it absorbs some of the existing energy cost already spent to make products rather than using more energy as mining and transacting crypto-currencies have been found to consume.

The Cloudfunding mechanics of Cloud Commerce disrupts this type of Outsourcing to the vulnerable countries by providing the local domestic manufacturing industry in countries that usually send their manufacturing elsewhere, with a sustainable environment that competes on price against imported products outsourced to and from other locations,

Cloudfunding protects the local domestic manufacturing to retailing with Localization by operating on new Rails of Trade  -  where Supply meets Demand under new Rules of Engagement.

    Supply      New Rails of Trade      Demand  

Everyone has the right to Capital

Having Productivity as the catalyst behind the economic infrastructure driving Commerce at the local level, e2eCommerce taps into an unlimited resource that has been overlooked and never been seen as more than just a function of trade and commerce to extract value  -  by reinventing Advertising as a free function and maximizing the full selling prices of products and services, it offers unlimited scale with the volume of Productivity that can be produced, and being able to fully integrate Productivity and Advertising into a free economic unit of value it's capable of filling a void that financial institution have been limited with in reducing financial inclusion.

Having more financial inclusion stems from systems that control the Capital flows to the broader societies by businesses that have shareholders wanting a return on their Capital Investment  -  how Cloudfunding generates new Capital flows with free digital capital using Productivity removes any risk and need for businesses and shareholders to offer loans looking for a return, and gives a larger number in societies the means of using their skill as entrepreneurs to seek out a better and freer existence, without being shackled with debt.

This light and scalable validation of the universal trading value, coupled with high security for AML and KYC, provides the opportunity for value to move freely across borders with Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital offering free unlimited stimulus without the detriment to other regions  -  DFDC shifts value from global regions into a single economy without transferring or holding any fiat currencies but has the unique advantage of directly stimulating the Productivity in local zones by increasing the velocity of the local fiat currencies  -  this new foreign Capital Investment dynamic is liquidated into the local economy through Outsourced Selling and with the incentive of Price Demand offered to local buyers, and this breaks down the barriers placed by policies or for whatever reason, and directly overcomes issues such as financial inclusion.

The decentralization takes place between the seller and the buyer with the global crowd taking over the decentralizing role with each user participating in the Outsourced Selling process with strategies that uses Game Theory to add to a global consensus  -  global users have the incentive to participate in the Outsourced Selling process or participate in the end commerce as a local buyer.

The intertwining of the universal value is tracked at the micro level down to 14 decimal points with RingLink technology, which gives any seller the gateway to a global network of users that first monetizes the full selling price of the inventory before being released to the seller's local or global buyers  -  local buyers then use Price Demand to validate the product or service.

RingLink technology is unique in having several attributes that help distribute and track the universal value out into the world  -  it's able to record and track each network web chronologically on a digital ledger as value moves through the hands of buyers and sellers across the world and down into the local economies  -  RingLink records not only the universal value but also the units of inventory have identity coding added for IoT with links back to the place of origin that can provide the product authenticity and fair working standards.

The universal value has an intrinsic value

The constant comparison of the global currencies linked with the sellers liquidity and trust with the local fiat currencies provides a unique position for the universal value to operate without the need to hold or transfer any fiat currencies at any time  -  the trust and value is held by sellers and sovereign states combined, with the transparency of being able to retrace any activity on a global scale back to the point of origin when the value was first generated and validated.

With Banks being able create credit ( money / reserve banking ) out of thin air and Central Banks being able to print money for Quantitative Easing to multiply the volume of the money supply without any genuine backing other than 'trust in the system', or even algorithms  -  then the universal trading value stands uniquely as a modern currency that has genuine backing, similar to the Gold Standard but instead of being unfeasible in using Gold as backing, the universal trading value uses Productivity as the real time validation and scalability to meet the demand in modern day O2O Commerce.

Productivity, meaning the complete selling and buying of a product or service, is the intrinsic value of the universal trading value which can be tracked to validate its existence  -  compared to that of fiat currencies that use the trust of a sovereign state, and that of crypto-currencies that use the solving of algorithms.

The validation of the universal value has a traceable origin that can be fused to the aggregated value of global currencies and stand as the only stable and neutral international trading value  -  its position of stability makes it a non speculative asset value for investors.

This stability heralds in a new approach in financing economies with free Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital which disrupts the foreign direct Capital Investment that uses credit and debt to influence Productivity  -  credit has been the controller of individuals through to nations, a universal trading value takes the barriers of foreign control away from all participants  -  Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital removes the risk from market economies with a globally governed universal trading value that can't be manipulated by centralized systems  -  DFDC provides the opening for a universal trading value to freely move digital capital into zones that would only be hobbled by paying back FDI.

A universally Distributed Income distribution is possible

A new form of income is born out of using Productivity as the generator of capital flowing through the economies  -  every economy has its own volume of sellers and buyers, and these economies can be condensed down to countries, regions, cities and towns, each can be referred to as a location where the Productivity originates from  -  the Productivity can be tracked in real time in these locations which produces an activity tax that spreads value back into the overall global society that replaces the need for the inflation of prices to engineer growth  -  the universal value flows passively back through economies in real time with the linear earning of additional value coming full circle from the Productivity Cycle through to the collection of locations that global users hold.

The entry of new fiat currency liquidated with a seller's inventory sales governs and ties the value and volume of the universal trading value to Productivity  -  this link provides the incentive for global users to participate in the engine that helps Productivity spread the value internationally, the more Productivity the more passive income that gets generated  -  the incentive and scale of Productivity is beyond anything that Central Banks or any single currency can ever offer.

Income streams can be distributed around a local city or region in a FOMEZ, even to individuals that are not tech savvy via algorithms working on their behalf to still earn passively  -  with the input from Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital a local economy can build out an economic environment that is self stainable using real time tools to keep a finger on the pulse of the region  -  there's no reliance of government subsidies, welfare, redirection of taxes or even raise funding, it can be left to the strategies of individuals and a democratic consensus to keep the income streams sustainable.

Much of the manufacturing will be taken over by automation but without fair trade between sellers and buyers there will be no equitable future for individuals with no job  -  jobs will change and be lost, the old thought that a 15 hour per week was coming is possible within the near future with the distribution of better paid jobs with shorter working weeks across more people as new passive income streams take up the pay gaps  -  it's a momentum that can be maintained indefinitely by individuals having control at the selling point juncture, where people can earn by driving their local Productivity and still gain the benefit by earning directly from local and global Productivity with Universally Distributed Income - F
UI Portfolios.

It's paradigm shift in Finance and Productivity

All the Productivity in locations around the world is directly linked to the local fiat currency where the product or service is originally manufactured and sold from.

The cohesion used on the Platform is achieved by being able to automatically compare the value of any product or service set with the local fiat currency to UDC, which is the neutral commerce trading currency, this price can then be compared in other fiat currencies in real time on a global scale.

The comparison of UDC with a fiat currency allows for the bidding process to sell products and services to operate without hindrance of incumbents wanting to add a mark-up with exchange rates or transfer fees, it provides 'the level playing field' to be world wide.

It means a product can enter the platform with a fiat currency value and be compared in real time with UDC, it can then be compared with other fiat currencies where the product may be traded to, and be sold in the real time value in the buyer's local currency.

The flow from the fiat currency of the seller to the neutral commerce trading currency and then to another fiat currency of the buyer occurs all within the modern mechanics of commerce, the dynamics of Cloud Commerce, all without costs.

The dynamics of Cloud Commerce operate different to the 'credit and debt' mechanics that operate in most economies, Cloud Commerce operates only on 'true value' built into the platform by operating as a 'cash only' based economy to build growth,

-  this eliminates any debt overhang that needs to be deleveraged or any need to intervene with interest rates, manipulate currency values or involve any form of credit.

-  it steers away from the 'unnatural' booms and busts that are familiar with current economic growth theories

-  it provides businesses and individuals the advantage of the multiplier effect in all markets with the 5X ratio ( 100/20 ) buying power of the sell high buy low dynamic pricing, that overall helps reduce the high ratio between incomes to private debt that are stifling most economies.

UDC is positioned as a neutral trading currency that's set with a aggregated value of all currencies, it's not linked to the currency exchange rates as such but only adjusts using all currency movements, the role of UDC is to only compare the values to each fiat currency and allow flows to occur between fiat currencies, without costs, while still operating within global commerce.

UDC acts as what a modern day Gold Standard would do if gold was able to be converted to the scale but without the layer where the price of gold could be speculated on by markets that favored some countries but not others.

With the flexibility of modern monetary mechanics, it's much more convenient to use a neutral trading currency between all the fiat currencies that's validated using Productivity instead of gold when the validation can be made at the 'coal-face' where Productivity is exchanged.

It further provides, as part of a capitalist system, the true free open market  -  laissez-faire environment where there's no intervention by powers that use subsidies to influence trade, or currency traders that can directly aim at changing currency values, or commodity traders that can manipulate speculative prices.

The change of how markets will work comes with the change to how influence and value can cross borders to stimulate local economies by the initial actions of local Sellers applying free Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital  -  DFDC does the rest.

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